The 5 Vital Aspects to Integrate Your Feminine Power

by Olana Barros

As a divine being, you have access to an infinite power that is innate within you. You’re a powerfully unique, infinite being with intuitive wisdom and creative expression. The ability you have to create the life you desire is all about integrating 5 aspects to your feminine power. Most of us have been conditioned in our youth to be dependent upon outer influences rather than trusting in the power within. My purpose in this article is to expand your awareness.

Understanding how to holistically integrate this indwelling, here are the 5 aspects to harmonize.

1. Your Higher Self/Soul Self.

You’re an infinite Soul, with infinite capabilities. You’re an integral part of Source, which means that you divinely incarnated in this human form as an extension and individual expression of Source. This Higher Intelligence as Source energy exists in all of life including you, which means that you ARE this very Source expressed as YOU. You’re able to see, hear, feel, know, live and create with a higher perspective.

Your Soul evolves as energy of consciousness that chooses to incarnate in many lifetimes. The wisdom of your Soul guides you throughout your life whether you know it or not. That inner voice you hear is your Soul. By connecting within, you discover the truth of who you are. Soulful living unfolds very naturally by simply becoming consciously aware and aligning all parts of yourself.

No striving necessary. Simply attune to your Higher Self now.


2. Your Heart.

Your heart is such an integral part of accessing your innate wisdom and power. It’s your connecting point of humanity and divinity to experience your emotions, desires, dreams, pleasures, etc. In your heart space is where you access your intuitive wisdom. Your ability to trust your heart deeply will give you great trust and faith to connect to your true desires without limitations or fear. In connecting to your heart, you connect to your Soul’s power. Proverbs 4:23 says to, “Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it.”

Your heart will never misguide you if you tune into it and trust it.

3. Your Mind.

You’re an intelligent being. It does not matter what kind of formal education you’ve had in your life. You have a divine intelligence that’s far superior than you realize. Don’t get trapped by the inner world of the lower mind. We live in an instant gratification zone which leads to disillusionment if things don’t happen instantly or quickly. I invite you to go deeper within your consciousness to access your higher mind. It’s connected to the greater Intelligence of All that is. Intuitively trust your intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and capacity to grow, discover and consciously expand more everyday.

Attune to the power of your higher mind.

4. Your Body.

Your gorgeous body is a sacred, holy temple that houses your Soul. Your body is a vessel of divine intelligence with a communication that supersedes the language of the mind. Your body is programmed to communicate as a supercomputer with itself and all of Life. As you listen intently to your body’s wisdom, you will tap into all the energetic force within and around you. Typically, it will give you signs to feed her better, love her and accept her more, be kinder and not so hard on driving your energy into exertion. As you tune into your moon cycle, you tune into the universal cycle as well. Your body carries an infinite well of wisdom when you listen. It is the tuning fork that transfers energy in and through you.

Your body is an infinite intelligence that will reveal so much to you.

5. Your Voice.

Women have collectively been silenced by a deep conditioning in fear of patriarchal authority. The truth is, we’ve been afraid of our own voices stemmed from thousands of years of being silenced. We are collectively evolving this pattern. When you access your power and truth, you access your freedom to speak it out loud. You have a voice that carries wisdom, truth, power, and the ability to create change. Your voice carries a vibration that the world is waiting to tune into. By using your voice to speak forth truth, you transmute the lower frequencies of fear, limitation, and control. Your voice is a vital part of your feminine power that carries a tone to create change and freedom for yourself and others.

Use your powerful voice, sister!

We’ve all been disillusioned by power, but power in it’s purest form is meant for the highest expression. It is not to usurp, take away from, control or hold over others. Your personal power is to be integrated with your ability to be, have and express all that you’re capable of expressing in this world. Unfortunately, we haven’t been taught this well enough.

As you allow yourself to completely integrate all parts of yourself as a whole being, you fully access and allow your feminine power to exist here and now. It is a free flow of energy. You are the embodiment of the Universe expressing itself as you now. Your feminine power is a natural part of your existence that you have come here to express. It is time, dear sister, to be the presence of power, balance, change, and wholeness by allowing it fully within you.

In Love and Power,