Its Time to Gather Your Harvest: Why this Year is Truly Special

by Dawn Anderson

This year has been called Sweet 16. The year that everything we have been working on, for, in, and throughout for years is finally coming to fruition. All the seeds we have planted and nurtured (sometimes cursed) are finally going to be worth the headache and heartache we have endured for so many years.

I have been guilty of assigning 2016 as my rescue, sweeping me off my feet in a luxurious Fred Astaire musical-like fashion. There is a soft filter, decadent gowns, swelling music, and a glint in Fred’s eye. I am saved!

If this doesn’t sound like pressure, I don’t know what does.


 I’m sorry 2016, but I have made you into my dream year.

There is definitely a major shifting happening with the energy of life and it is incredible. Every New Year’s eve I have kept a tradition of writing down habits and ways of operating that no longer serve me. I write down all of the wonderful new hopes for the year and then burn my writings-releasing them to the energies of the universe.

This year is different.

I feel different and more at ease with life.

This year I felt no need to write anything down or do a special ceremony. Instead, I decided to open myself to witness just how connected I am to the flow within and around me. I am an immensely visual person and I will describe this feeling to you in the best way I know how-through story.

Imagine this; I am walking down the street on my way to work. There is the usual traffic: honking vehicles, a car stopping mid crosswalk as a pedestrian skates by, barking dogs, people talking loudly on their cell phones, and I am navigating my way through all of this. I feel separate from everything in my little walking bubble and just want to get to work in peace.

Can you relate to this?  

I notice that my face is a bit scrunched and my body is tense. In awakening to my physicality, something clicks. Instead of witnessing these occurrences as individual entities happening around me, I sense that they are all connected in a flow. I am a player in this musical and I suddenly sense my own energetic emotional vibrations. I notice that the atmosphere around me takes on a completely different story depending on the path I decide to follow. As I walk- the traffic, dogs, cars and people that cross my path seem choreographed in a dance, pulled by the energy that moves them. The sounds around me have become the musical score. Suddenly I realize that the universe is waiting for my move and before I know it, I have skipped like a ballerina to my left, slightly avoiding a Yorkshire pup’s poop left so elegantly on the ground.

Aha! I am in a comedy. I relax a bit and smile. Work has become play and the journey has become an adventure.  

Life is filled with an infinite amount of moments like this. I am so incredibly grateful to be linked to all that is and to finally come to a real understanding of energy in flow. The universe is filled with an innumerable amount of energies all happening at the same exact time. The energy I put forth informs the movement that surrounds me most closely. I can choose to resist and stall or I can choose to take action in flow with awareness and gratitude- finding the beauty in every involved moment-puppy poop or not.

A Fred Astaire musical isn’t as brilliant without its Ginger Rogers.

2016-let’s dance.

Dawn Anderson