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I need to learn a quick and very effective way to Access My Divine Self and Tune-In To My Heart and Soul so that I can operate from that space and flow with my life rather than against it.

I need a powerful, really effective Bedtime Gratitude Ritual to Close my Day with Love, Blessings and Positive Energy so that I can have a restful and rejuvenating night of peaceful sleep and awaken refreshed and transformed.

I want a way to be in constant contact with my angels, guides and the ascended masters who guide me and help and empower my life. I need to be able to Call Upon my Soul Team for Instant Spiritual Support at any moment.

I have an issue with self love but I’m really trying to get better. I’d love to Fall in Love with Me + Tune into True Self Love & Unleash a New Level of Living.

I need more energy during the day. I’d love a spiritual infusion to really get me going, especially during that mid-day slump. I really need The Midday Revival to Infuse my Day with Mega Energy and Instant Empowerment.

Some days are great, and others really suck. I want a way to set up my day for greatness from the get go. I really need The Morning Success Ritual for My Perfectly Beautiful Day.

I feel unwell and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s like my inner wiring has gone a bit haywire. I’m listless, a bit down and just not myself. I want to be at my best, right now, I need an instant fix, I need the Mystical Cross-Hand Breathing Clear, Balance, Relax & Ground Body and Mind.

I’ve got a complex issue. Maybe it isn’t really all that complicated, but honestly I have no idea what to do. I really need help with this one. I need to Tune Into my Infinite Inner Wisdom and Get The Solution to Any Problem.

I’m about to go into a space where I want to be my absolute best. I want to feel ABSOLUTELY EMPOWERED. I want my inner beauty and confidence to glow and be felt. I want my inner power to flow and I really want to be able to do that thing I do and do it really well. I need The Ultimate Self Empowerment Amp-Up Powershot.

If you're really ready for some majorly powerful healing and life changing release and want to dive in and do the work to heal your deep seated issues at the core, these insanely powerful energy healing session from a healing master are for you:

I want to create amazing things in the world and in my life but I’m filled with fear and am procrastinating like crazy. I really want to Fix My Fear of Moving Forward and Remove any Fear of Failure and all Fear of Success.

I’m suffering from physical ailments, I’m sick, I’m in pain and my body’s just not at its best. I really want to recover and heal in a very real and noticeable way. I want to Heal My Body and Release All Pain.

I’m stuck creatively or spiritually. I know that there is so much within me and so much I want to create in the world. I’m so sick and tired of being blocked and not being able to unleash my creativity and my amazing work into the world. I really want to Open and Fine-Tune My Intuition and Unleash Your Creative Wisdom.

I’ve been hurt and my heart is still trying to recover. I’m still reeling from the experience, even though it may have happened long ago. The heartbreak I’ve endured is affecting everything I do and I’m so over trying to suffer through it. I desperately want to Heal My Broken Heart Into Wholeness.