The Inspired Magic of Tuning in to Your People + How to do it Right

The Magic of Flower Pepper

by Delfina Alden

As I created dinner this evening using the magical flower pepper gifted to me by my dear friend/media director/producer extraordinaire Jennie, I realized that the flower pepper is a metaphor for what happens when the right person enters your life at the right time. For those of you who’ve never had it, flower pepper is peppercorns mixed with a variety of flower petals so that when you grind it they all combine into a magical blend of spice and sweet and awesome flavor. 

When Jennie entered my life and my business, everything changed. She saw me. She saw the potential of what World Changing Warriors could become, she felt the power and the love when I spoke. She believed in me and my vision. Her belief and ability to SEE in such a powerful way inspired and empowered me in ways I had not known yet. And when she joined the team and brought her immense talent and skills she absolutely changed the game for us. We empowered each other to be our best selves and continue to do so. We are each other’s catalyst for creating true world change. Together, we are flower pepper, mystical, magical, beautiful flower pepper. 

Here’s the thing though, this magic was years in the making - just like the ingredients in flower pepper have to grow separately before combining into something amazing. I was calling it in, manifesting this, working on laying the groundwork. So many times, I was nearly ready but not quite. Until, one day, I felt the unmistakable stillness of KNOWING that the time had come. And once the time had come and we combined ingredients - adding Jennie to the mix - everything began to flow beautifully. 

This is the jar of Flower Pepper Jennie gifted me with :)

This is the jar of Flower Pepper Jennie gifted me with :)

So, perhaps you are in a place where you are nearly ready and you’d like to know what to do next? The number one thing you’ve got to do is get crystal clear on who you are and who you are not. Where do you want to go? What would you like to create? And, most of all: WHY? Why are you doing this? Your why must be so strong that you’re willing to do basically anything to see your vision come to fruition. What is your why? 

I urge you to sit down right now and do a little writing exercise answering the questions I posed above. And, once you’ve done that, write a paragraph about your perfect person (partner, employee, producer, etc). If you do these two simple little assignments, I guarantee you’ll experience a shift. Let me know what happens when you sit down and do this. Share your journey in the comments below! 

Love Always,

Delfina <3