WCW mission statement: 
WCW is a movement for world change through self empowerment. We believe you came here to change the world, to do great things, to recognize and realize your incredible power and potential, to live your true purpose. We believe that life should be grand, and joyous and abundant. We create and curate content (free) and products (paid) to help you do these things. We believe the answer is always within you and anything outside of you is an instrument or a tool that helps you unlock that infinite brilliance. We create profound, easy to use, fun, game changing tools that put you in control of your destiny and empower you to co-create your ideal life. 
We are a growing community of World Changing Warriors. By experiencing our content and products, you join our powerful community and you become a world changing warrior. This movement and everything inside of it works because of you, because of me, because of us coming together. Alone, we can achieve good things, together, we are an unstoppable force for change, for revolution and evolution. Together, we create brilliance. We are world changing warriors and we are honored to have you join us. 

Our avenues of reaching the world include a weekly podcast called "World Changing Voices" featuring interviews with world changers and thought leaders who are creating good while living their ideal life; a weekly YouTube show called "Warrior Wisdom" which is offers tips, tools and advice on living your world changing warrior life, powerful courses, workshops and guided meditations and the WCW online magazine which features posts by brilliant trail blazers who love what they do and want to share their gifts with the world.


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